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Botox Cosmetic and Dysport Photo

Botox Cosmetic and Dysport reduce the activity of the muscles that cause lines to form over time. Used primarily to reduce and smooth the lines of the forehead and around eyes, it works by relaxing the underlying muscles. It is also very useful for reducing or eliminating underarm sweating for 5-7 months with minimal discomfort. This procedure is performed entirely by Dr. Handler.


Restylane (Silk, Lyft, Defyne, Refyne), and Radiesse Photo

These products are injectible fillers for smoothing wrinkles around the mouth (vertical lipstick lines), smile lines (nasolabial folds), marionette lines ("sad look"), deep forehead lines, as well as accentuating the lips for a more sensuous and youthful appearance. These products are also excellent for aging hands and wrinkling. The determination of what product(s) to use on a particular area is determined by Dr. Handler at your evaluation. Frequently, Dr. Handler will use one or more different products for a particular area to arrive at optimal results. Benefits can last 12-15 months.


Clear + Brilliant Laser Photo

This medical device is a new laser for treatment of fine lines, age spots, and enlarged pores. It is used on the face, neck, chest, tops of the hands, and arms to reduce wrinkling, improve skin texture and lighten "age spots." The treatment is painless and with no downtime. Most patients require 3-5 treatments over a time period of several weeks. All patients treated with the Clear + Brilliant laser were very pleased to notice a difference in the texture and appearance of the treated areas after only one treatment. Dr. Handler has the only Clear + Brilliant laser in northwest Ohio and has become an expert in its utilization.


Thermage Photo

This is a non-laser medical device that utilizes radiofrequency waves to tighten and lift skin on the face, arms, tops of the hands, abdomen, and hanging loose skin of the upper arms as well as improves the appearance of cellulite. One can have their brows elevated to reduce "hooding" of the upper eyelids associated with aging. This process also tightens loose hanging skin of the neck as well as tighten abdominal wrinkling after having had children or weight loss. This procedure is also very useful for the "love handles" around the waist of men. There is no downtime and most patients notice improvement at the completion of the procedure. The Thermage procedure causes continued collagen tightening over a period of 6 months with satisfying results lasting 2 to 3 years. Dr. Handler has the newest and most effective Thermage device in all of northwest Ohio. Dr. Handler personally performs the procedure and has several years of expertise in its use with gratifying results in all of his patients. Thermage CPT is a benchmark by which all other similar procedures measure their results.


Thermage Photo

Dr. Handler utilizes chemical peels consisting of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and trichloroacetic acid to help remove comedones (blackheads), improve and clear acne, lighten brown spots (age spots or sun spots), enhance glow to a dull complexion, exfoliate sun-damaged skin, and improve fine lines. These peels are also very helpful for acne-scarred skin and associated discoloration. Chemical peels are also use in conjunction with topical glycolic acid, creams, and lotions to reduce melasma (mask of pregnancy). Dr. Handler's specialty hand peels rejuvenate the the tops of your hands by eliminating or greatly reducing sun spots (age spots) and wrinkles.


Thermage Photo

This procedure utilizes radiofrequency waves passing through nitrogen gas to produce a "plasma" that heats and tightens damaged collagen without injuring the epidermis (top layer of your skin). This heating also causes the laying down of newer collagen which further continues the tightening process with resultant reduction of wrinkles and "age spots" due to sun damage. Not only does one see an improvement of their wrinkles and lines, but also a new "glow" will develop on their face, chest, or arms when the procedure is completed and the areas are totally healed. There is a small amount of downtime following the procedure. Usually one or two treatments results in 2-3 years of significant improvement. This procedure is performed entirely by Dr. Handler.


Blood Vessel Laser Photo

This laser is used for the reduction and removal of fine blood vessels (telangiectasias) on the face, neck, and legs. Many patients with the diagnosis of Rosacea benefit greatly with the procedure to reduce their constant erythema (redness). There is minimal pain or discomfort and no downtime. Depending on the patient's amount of involvement, 3-4 treatments over several months may be required. Generally, this is performed in the winter months since one cannot have any tan on their skin. This is particularly helpful for "spider veins" on the legs.


Pigment Laser Photo

Dr. Handler utilizes this laser to minimize and eliminate sun spots ("age spots") anywhere on your body. One treatment is 98-100% effective.


Dr. Handler uses the hair laser to remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body such as the upper lip, chin, face, underarms, ears, bikini line, legs, and backs and chests of men.