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Services - Clear + Brilliant Laser

What is it and what does it do?

The Clear + Brilliant laser stimulates the formation of collagen in your skin to improve the appearance of fine lines, helps to fade "age spots" and shrinks large pores.

What areas can be treated?

The Clear + Brilliant laser is useful for treatment of the signs of aging on the tops of hands, forearms, chest, neck, and face (especially lipstick lines on the upper lip).

Is there discomfort involved?

When performed by Dr. Handler, there is NO discomfort whatsoever.

Is there any "downtime" involved?

There is no downtime other than minimal redness lasting for a few hours following the procedure.

Tips To Remember

Always question the expertise and qualifications of the individual performing the procedure and past experience with other patients. Dr. Handler is the only physician in northwest Ohio to have the new Clear + Brilliant laser. All of Dr. Handler's patients who have been treated with this new procedure have been extremely pleased with their results.